Why #Ladybadassery?

This entire idea started with a question,

When I read articles about inspiring women, why did it seem like the same women were showing up in every single article? Looking around I saw women everywhere doing amazing things, why were they not getting the recognition and attention? 

To me, they were all ladybadasses. 

And then I thought, we all have the potential to be a ladybadass and not only could I highlight some but also inspire others to be a ladybadass. So I started to share, every day. I committed to share every day for 100 days inspiring quotes, highlighting women and generally reminding my network that we all have a little ladybadass inside us. I was also interested to see how people would react.

The reaction was wonderful. Almost daily I people sent me notes expressing how much they enjoyed the project. How it lifted their day, how they were inspired.

Towards the end of the project I had several friends ask me what I was going to do next. I didn't have a plan but when Wendy reached out and suggested we expand the idea I jumped at the chance. 

Which brings us here. Highlighting #ladybadassery around the world. 

You can join us. Submit a #ladybadass or join us on the social media platform of your choice and share today's ladybadass.

Joanna - belief agent for brave and curious women.

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