Vishlesha Patil - Strong and Fabulous

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Vishlesha Patil, better known to her colleges as Vish, is strong and opinionated. She knows what she is as a package, and she had been using that to her advantage since as she started at Paypal in 2006.

Vish started as a QA Engineer and over time with her persistence and determination grew through various roles to recently be promoted to Director Product Management at PayPal . She currently handles a team of 5 that includes 3 women and 2 men. Vish gives importance to D&I and she mentors people in her network and through LinkedIn. Now, a few of her mentees now even work on her team.

Vish came onto the Ladybadass radar when her team nominated her to be a #ladybadass as a surprise. Check out their personal testaments as to why they think Vish is a ladybadass:

“My interactions with Vish have always been very pleasant. I reached out to her on Linkedin for advice on how to start my career in Product Management. She took time to take a look at my resume and invested time in understanding my background and how I could transition into product management from development.

Her suggestions helped me a lot and gave me the confidence that I could be a good fit. Even after joining PayPal she often to stops by to check if I am facing any challenges regarding the role or domain. I can safely say without exaggerating that without her help and recommendation I wouldn’t be here in PayPal" – Ishaan Bhat [Product Manager @ PayPal]

“I recently joined Vish's Team as a Product Manager, but the relationship I share with her goes much beyond this.

I first met Vish at the Grace Hopper Conference in 2017. I happened to visit the PayPal stand and that's where she introduced herself to me. We had a long chat about my studies, my interests, internship experiences and where I see my career trajectory going. I was so touched when she gave me her inputs and advice on the very first day we met. She agreed to mentor me and made sure I was doing my best at every step. Back when I was a graduate student, she regularly kept checking on me, my academic progress, my job preparation even when she had some of the busiest days at work. She made sure I was encouraged and in the best spirits while I was trying to fit my ambitions and goals and look for a suitable opportunity. As it turned out, I passed my interviews at PayPal and ended up being a part of her team. This meant a lot to me, not only because of the exciting work we do but I could see my mentor every day and be inspired by the work she does and the way she does it.

Vish definitely knows how to make a family of her team members and bring out the best in each one of them. I am grateful to her for being my mentor at an early stage in my career and life. She is the ultimate ladybadass!" – Jinali Gandhi [Product Manager @ PayPal]

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