Sara Axelbaum - Caring and Strong


Let's start by telling Sara's story in her words..

"One day I was rushing to the train and my laptop strap broke. I cursed my luck, but found a scarf in my purse, tied it on, and made the train just in time. 
As it turned out, my rigged strap was incredibly comfortable; it stayed put and didn't dig, while also making the heavy laptop feel light. When I got to the train, two women stopped me to compliment me on my “very pretty bag” and asked where I bought it. I laughed as I explained that I had rigged it just a few moments before out of desperation. And the idea was born."

So many of us would spend a few moments thinking about our amazing idea. Others might do some market research or ask others about our idea. You can hear right? "What do you think? What would you pay?" all those questions we ask. A few courageous people act. Take the first small steps to take an idea from "ah ah" to existence.

Now take this idea and add a full time #ladybadass job as an executive at 21st Century Fox. 

Yes, we were impressed too. 

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Joanna Bloor