Rose Steinberg - Compassionate and Direct

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What are your “and” words and why? Compassionate and Direct. I was forced to learn a personalized, focused approach (by market, by team, by person) at a steep cliff once I landed in Asia. I’d been working with these teams for over a year from HQ, but this was an entirely new capacity. Every person in every market across every function was even more unique than what I had experienced previously, and I had to learn how to authentically connect, understand, and motivate at the 1:1 level with many more factors at play than ever before. This is where I learned compassion for unique circumstance (different than empathy). However, to be clear and transparent about what was expected or important, I quickly had to learn how to tailor a message in a very direct way that would resonate and make sense, leave individuals and teams feeling motivated yet challenged, while driving progress at the same time. The key for me was figuring out how to be compassionate (and relatable) while ensuing trust. To do that I had to spend time putting myself in their shoes to make sure I was seeing more angles than my own. A big factor to success was then embodying radical candor in my approach by being direct (and transparent) in my messaging and interactions. This allowed me to build the rapport, trust, and consensus necessary for progress. I’ve carried these learnings with me to this day. 

What you are known for saying / a quote from you. Why does this quote mean to you, (or if it’s from someone else, why does it inspire you)? “Your biggest asset is time. Spend it well (and wisely).” I learned this from a very special woman I’m working with recently. She has a very different foundational approach to the optimization of a human being which is based on neuroscience.  I believe this tenet applies to all aspects of our lives; personal, relational, business... everything. She has brought this to the forefront for me and it’s been a transformational lens thus far.  It inspires me to take an active approach to manifestation versus a passive one where you let experiences simply show up. 

Which other Ladybadasses inspire you and why? My very close friend Kelly inspires me. As I watch her navigate very challenging life events (death, disease, and divorce, to name a few), she always manages to find grace, integrity, and an authenticity that is unique to her and I’m so proud to call her my friend. I’m privileged to have her to lean on when I need a shoulder or ear.

When did you first realize that you had some Ladybadassery in you? When I moved overseas to work in Asia, I assimilated into various personal and professional cultures across the vast APAC region, and was privileged enough to do some of the best work of my life with some of the best people in my life. But it was big, scary -- and also rewarding.

What keeps you motivated on days when you aren't quite feeling like a Ladybadass? I stop, look around, and have a little talk with myself. I’ll put things into perspective by remembering what’s important. I’ll find a silver lining and take inventory on what’s positive and going my way at that very moment -- even when something else isn’t going my way. When I do this, it allows me to reset my frame of mind (or to simply get through the day).

What is your advice to other women who are trying to tap into their Ladybadassery? Find a way to always bring it back to integrity and your values -- and don’t be afraid to be vulnerable. I find when I do this, I always find my way.

Rose is VP of Client Success at Vox Media, Inc.