Rachel Gonzales - #YallMeansAll

Rachel Gonzales

One of the first things I learned when I moved to Texas from England back in 1984 was a word. "Y'all". It's a shortening of the words "you all" and Texans use it liberally to describe every variation of "you" both in the plural and the singular.  "Y'all have a nice day!" "Y'all come back now." are familiar phrases. What's hilarious is when they use the word "All Y'all" to describe a group of people. I also learned pretty quickly that "y'all" quite often means "we". This play in language is what makes Texas and the Southern parts of the United States charming.

So why this lesson on my experiences with the word "ya'll"? It's because of today's #ladybadass Rachel Adams Gonzales. Rachel is known publically because of her adorable and feisty daughter Libby who she advocated for when Texas was trying to pass a bathroom bill. In the simplest of terms had the bill passed, if using a public facility Libby would need to use the men's room. While not the case in all States in the US, the good news is the bill didn't pass. 

Talk to Rachel about her experiences as a mother, as an advocate and you'll get layers of emotion. Emotion about her love for her family, her fierceness for advocating for trans rights while being 100% honest and real about her personal emotional journey about her daughter's transition to girl-hood. And she's not just talking, just yesterday, Equality Texas announced her as an addition to staff where she'll be charged with building out education and support programs for parents and families of trans kids.

So I come back to "y'all" and Rachel's #YallMeansAll. Rachel means it. All means you, me, everyone you can think of and our need to be able to be who we are. it's that simple. It's a #ladybadass move.

If you want to support Rachel, her family and the team in Texas trying to fight for the rights of ALL of the LGBTQ community you can find them at Equality Texas or like Rachel's Facebook page.