Rachel Braun Scherl - Relentless and Refined

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Rachel Braun Scherl is a managing partner and co-founder of SPARK Solutions for Growth, a strategic consultancy focused on growth. She is a specialist in the female consumer health industry, driving top-line growth results for clients in pharmaceuticals, consumer products, health, and beauty. She has over 25 years of experience leading global consulting engagements with multinationals such as Johnson & Johnson, Allergan, Bayer, Church & Dwight, and Pfizer. She has also worked with American Express and Disney. This ladybadass’s resume is impressive.

In 2008 Rachel co-founded and served as President of Semprae Laboratories, Inc. a venture-backed company that focused on creating and marketing women’s sexual health products. The flagship product was Zestra Essential Arousal Oil, which drew national attention. Rachel deemed herself a VAGIPRENEUR, and continues to share her wisdom with other female sexual health entrepreneurs, even after selling Semprae to Innovus Pharmaceuticals, Inc. in 2013.

This ladybadass speaks on a variety of business topics, including managing women-driven businesses, women as entrepreneurs, developing marketing and strategic solutions to drive business growth, and innovative thinking, to name a few. She has appeared on ABC’s Nightline, CBS News, and The Tawk with Fran Drescher. One of Rachel’s biggest inspirations is Oprah. “What I admire most about Oprah is her ability to authentically be herself yet masterfully understand how to manage every business situation and interaction with elegance. She never quits and continually finds ways to reimagine herself, and in the process, transforms other industries as well, e.g. television, magazine publishing, reading, weight loss, and philanthropy.” We see this ladybadass following suit!

Not only is Rachel a speaker, but she’s also a writer. She frequently blogs for The Huffington Post and recently published her first book, Orgasmic Leadership: Profiting from the Coming Surge in Female Health and Wellness. The book consists of a series of interviews she’s conducted with other female sexual health entrepreneurs. Rachel is influencing women’s health and wellness on many different platforms. 

When asked how she deals with challenges, Rachel said, “My father used to quote a great line from the 1975 cult classic Rollerball, ‘No Time Outs, No Substitutions’ which were the rules the referee announced at the beginning of rollerball. He translated that into how he wanted us to live with passion – love generously, work hard, play hard, and most important play fair every day.”