Nicole Matejic - Pioneering and diplomatic

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Introducing #ladybadass Nicole Matejic, internationally recognized military information operations and social media expert and published author and trusted adviser to Governments around the world. She is known for her innovative and no BS approach to strategic communications and managing crises.

Nicole’s achievements are even the more impressive as she’s thrived and leveraged a substantial career in the defence industry.

A regular instructor for and speaker to NATO, Nicole’s understanding of the contemporary information domain has pioneered new ways of understanding national security challenges; most notably social media warfare, preventing violent extremism, public and digital diplomacy.

A highly respected strategist and crisis communicator, particularly in the digital domain, Nicole is the CEO of the civil-military think-do tank Info Ops HQ and Managing Partner of the communications consultancy Quantum CIQ. Her first book on 'Social Media Rules of Engagement' was published by Wiley in 2015.

Nicole is currently completing her Doctoral thesis 'The Jihadi Nudge' taking a multidisciplinary look at how terrorist organizations use behavioral economics models of choice architecture to radicalize individuals.  Her thesis builds on her extensive research into the radicalization of Australians using open-source intelligence and investigative techniques. She is also Adjunct Lecturer at Charles Sturt University in the School of National Security and Terrorism.

Her advice for women working in male-dominated workplaces is don't default to gender stereotypes: “unless it's your job to fetch coffees or sandwiches, don't. It sets a precedent for how you are perceived - and that's as the person who runs errands for others”. 

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