Milan Jordan - Creative and Resilient

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Milan Jordan is a design enthusiast and creative maven. With a background in architecture and a passion for non-profit management and development, her career is the intersection of mission-driven work for the built environment.

Milan has always had a passion for affecting change in underserved and minority communities. In her young adult life it took the form of American studies in gentrification, and then moved on to architecture and urban design. She earned a Masters in architecture from Georgia Institute of Technology, and is one of the youngest directors at The American Institute of Architects (AIA). Most recently, she has created Cultured Kombucha, a brand and product to attract minorities and lesser-targeted populations to internal health and wellness.

“I knew the importance of probiotics, but why were so few people around me aware? Most images of modern day wellness conferences are adorned with bright yoga pants and green juices, but there are entire demographics missing from those conferences (and images).” Although the fermented tea drink is wildly popular, she feels like it hasn’t been embraced by minorities, and wants to break the divide.  “There’s a normalization that needs to happen before it takes off.” Milan is raising its awareness among minorities and helping them become interested in their internal health with her inclusive kombucha brand.

This ladybadass started brewing her own tea when she realized how much money she was spending on it. After a few classes and positive feedback from family and friends, she decided to brew it commercially. Six flavors of Cultured Kombucha will be introduced at farmers markets in Washington, D.C., including flavors with creative names like “Tropic Like It’s Hot” and “Straight Outta Concord,” with her inspiration for all six coming from ‘90s hip-hop songs. Her goal is to secure a permanent workspace in one of D.C.’s commercial kitchens.

The mission of Cultured Kombucha is so important to Milan. “The fact that I’m working on something bigger than myself propels me through periods of challenge or tribulation.” She is chasing her passion, and I think it’s safe to say we can see big things to come from this ladybadass!