Melanie Barr - Empowering women by encouraging them to take a professional leap.

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Melanie's career path has been dedicated to supporting women in business and their overall positive impact on society. She spent the last few years talking to friends who wanted to make a career or business leap. Some are starting or buying a business. Some are venturing into a career space that they have never done before simply because they are passionate about it. Some are looking to talk through ideas about what to do next. They have an idea within them and are looking for support and inspiration. 

After encouraging a few friends to make a leap, Melanie decided to launch She Built It. Melanie wakes up every morning motivated to inspire, encourage and support women to live life at their best, and when it comes to their career, not to be afraid to make a leap. Especially when it is difficult to get out of our comfort zones is often when the magic happens.