Meg Murray - Connector and Tenacious

Meg Murray.png

Nasty Women get things done. For Meg Murray, this meant introducing a wine label with enough verve, boldness, and purpose to live up to the moniker made famous by the 2016 U.S. election cycle. 

After graduating college Meg worked in politics — She jokes that this drove her to drink. Soon she found her way into wine. At first, she says she was just having fun selling it and (of course) drinking it, but over time, she became more interested in the business side of wine and learning about it; the process, the places, the grapes and yes of course, more tasting.

She furthered her education in both the business of wine and wine studies. Meg has worked for large and small wineries and other wine-related businesses, and now she owns her own wine industry consulting firm with a focus on sales and marketing.

Meg founded Nasty Woman Wines "with hopes of celebrating the first female president." When it was clear who won the presidential race, her young daughter asked her how old she had to be to run for president. In that moment Meg committed herself to paving the way for her daughter, and for all women, to have a real seat at the political table.

"Fueled by the emotion of the election and a deep desire to have more women at the table, Meg decided it was." Nasty Woman Wines defines nasty women as those who are, "Strong, powerful, do good, say what they mean, don’t take guff, watch out for the little person, can admit when they are wrong, and not gloat too much when they’re right."

Twenty percent of the net profits of Nasty Woman Wines go toward female empowerment organizations such as The Women In Public Service Project, a nonpartisan program dedicated to “accelerating global progress towards women’s equal participation in policy and political leadership.”