Mandy Cole - Startup Sales Accelerator - Super Connector - Ladybadass


Mandy was jumping in the startup digital deep end back when most of the world had no idea what the world wide web was. Six successful startups later and she's sharing her knowledge and ladybadassery with the rest of us.

The founder and CEO of the Cole Method, Mandy made a habit of developing and scaling high-performing teams across the country with big-brand startups. By building multichannel sales groups in complex industries, she developed a specialty in leading early-stage companies to major growth. She's known for doing this with straightforward advice, practical application and a combined focus on revenue. Now who wouldn't want that?

The bonus for us is Mandy's approach includes her ladybadass super-connecting powers.  Drift into Mandy's circle and you'll find yourself introduced to intriguing people. My suggestion, never turn down an invitation from Mandy.