Lori Cashman - Tenacious and Nurturing

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Lori Cashman is an early stage investor in ventures led by female entrepreneurs and gender-diverse teams. She brings “peripheral vision” on emerging consumer & technology trends and customer engagement practices.

Lori is a former co-founder of the private equity firm Lineage Capital. Her previous private equity experience combined with her current role as a venture capitalist ensure a well-rounded perspective on successful business models, operational and market issues and consumer trends all in the context of a company’s capital structure and value proposition.

Lori's passion is helping to drive value creation and innovation. In a world where “relevance is everything” and customers are looking to be delighted, she enjoys thinking about how a company’s unique value proposition can be leveraged to achieve this. 

Lori is the founder of Victress Capital, a forum of female business leaders who want to invest in and support women-led businesses with high-growth potential.discovers and invests in ventures with female founders and gender-diverse teams.

Victress Capital combines capital, mentorship, and networking to empower driven entrepreneurs, enabling them to achieve even greater levels of growth. Victress was founded out of a desire to give back, pay it forward and support the next generation of entrepreneurs and founders. They are collaborative, supportive and passionate about building businesses and seek to partner with strong, tenacious and driven entrepreneurs. Victress mentors and supports companies through direct investment, board-level support and strategic consulting.