Lesley Grossblatt - Feisty and Empathetic


Lesley Grossblatt has spent more than 18 years dreaming up innovative products and services at companies such as Netflix, Intuit, AltSchool, Nextdoor, and CreativeLive; she also holds multiple patents for software products. Now, as COO and VP of product at The Boardlist, Grossblatt helps link technology companies with qualified female candidates for corporate board opportunities. 

Lesley has built products used by millions of small businesses and consumers worldwide. She was named to Fast Company's Most Creative People in Business list for 2017 and has been a featured speaker at Fast Company's Innovation Festival, the inaugural Women in Product conference and The Girls Lounge.

Lesley combines deep customer insights, rapid testing and analysis to develop delightful products and experiences leading directly to revenue, engagement and subscriber/member growth. Follow Lesley's innovation and product insights at http://www.innovationmama.com.

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