Lan Xauzhao - Thoughtful and Decisive

Dr. Xuezhao Lan is the founding and managing partner of Basis Set Ventures, a $140M early stage venture fund focused on enterprise artificial intelligence. Lan built the Corporate Development Strategy team at Dropbox. Prior to Dropbox, she was an engagement manager at McKinsey and founded a brain training startup. She studied human brain functions for her Ph.D. and received her MA in Statistics, both from the University of Michigan. She also did her post-doc at Harvard and has produced several peer-reviewed articles in top publications including Science.

Lan joins a growing list of startup founders and executives who have gone from investee to investor. She has backed several companies, including crowdsourced lead database Elucify and Scale API, the developer of APIs for human intelligence. Both of those companies were founded in the last two years and are graduates of the Y Combinator program.