Kim Folsom - Fabulous and Innovative

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Kim Folsom is a serial entrepreneur with over 20+ years of experience founding, leading, and building start-ups, which she raised $30 million for in venture financing.

These startups include SeminarSource, DriveCam, and ShowUhow. Developed and pioneered the use of online video platforms to solve costly knowledge transfer problems in three industries: continuing medical education, fleet driver safety, and consumer electronic products.  As with many serial entrepreneurs, she has sold the technology for her previous companies to forge ahead with her next endeavor.

Kim can tell you that an effective serial entrepreneur must have an element of internal fearlessness and persistence the prompts them to study their options and then jump into their venture. “One of the best gifts entrepreneurs can give themselves is allowing oneself the option of making missteps or mistakes and learning lessons from them,” she says. “Those that are successful will not give up when the going gets tough.”

She also offers this bit of encouragement to budding women entrepreneurs. “One of the best pieces of advice I can give to those women wanting to start their own businesses is to get started! Many talented women (and men) entrepreneurs get stuck in the ‘prepare’ mode.”

In addition to her own entrepreneurial endeavors, Kim has also been involved in Women in Technology International (WITI) and served as the Mistress of Ceremonies in their 2015 reception celebrating Trailblazing Women Who Rock San Diego.