Kelly Slessor - Committed and Driven

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"I always have tried to seek out those people that have been there and done it regardless of whether they have failed or succeeded. In fact, I think I have gained more insight from the stories of failure than the success stories."

When you meet Kelly Slessor you’re struck by her intelligence, enthusiasm and elegance.

Her self-descriptor is a Digital Retail Strategist specialising in mobile, which does not do her justice. She began her career with British Telecom, the UK's largest telecommunications provider and since then has been focused on understanding consumer behaviour, simplifying technology and designing the future based on insights and research to drive results for retailers. She can explain technology and innovation in a way that makes sense to non-technical people and bring them along on the journey.

In addition to founding her mobile strategy agency BanterMob, she also started Shop You, an app helping consumers save time by matching them with brands, based on their style, size and preferences. It’s built on an artificially intelligent platform, using deep machine and natural language processing (NLP) to understand and predict buyer behaviour.

Kelly works with major corporates including Westfield (Shopping Centres), Woolworths, Fairfax, Showpo, Big W, Suncorp bank, Le Specs, and LendLease (construction) right through to SMEs; She’s got amazing energy and a sense of humour for someone managing two businesses and a young family and has recently completed a 6 year board commitment to Taldumande, supporting homeless youth and their families. She’s always had a passion for preventing homelessness driven by the conviction that “It’s never really made sense to me; I suppose simply I don’t understand how the majority of us get to go home to our nice houses, warm beds and cooked food whilst people sleep on the streets.”

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