Kara Cutruzzula - Encouraging and Ambitious

Kara Cutruzzula.jpg

Kara Cutruzzula is a freelance writer and editor. Her articles on travel, culture, running, and food have appeared in a plethora of magazines and webites, including Vulture, Esquire.com, Newsweek, TIME.com, and the New York Post. Browse any number of publications and you’re bound to see Kara’s work.

Not only does ladybadass also writes and directs screenplays and plays. Her short plays have been performed around New York, Queens, and Brooklyn. One of Kara’s latest short plays, “Did You See?” and “Cuffing Season,” (her monologue) were recently performed in the greater New York area. What an accomplished woman!

At the young age of 11, Kara created a list of “Ways to Earn Money,” which consisted of odd jobs to do around the house. She typed old recipes and glued them onto index cards, alphabetized bookshelves, and put family photos into albums to earn cash. She has been and entrepreneurial freelancer for decades!

Being a freelance writer isn’t always easy though. Missed opportunities and rejected pitches can become discouraging, but Kara keeps a positive outlook by reminding herself how fantastic the highs are. “You feel accomplished, you receive praise, you’re in peak flow state. So when I’m feeling low, I just try to remember: I’ve feel the high once before, and I will feel it again.” With all of her experience writing about personal development and the creative process, we trust her when she says things will get better!

Kara has a website where she shares links to her pieces for different outlets. From articles to short plays, readers are kept up-to-date on her work for various publications and audiences. She also writes a daily news-free newsletter called Brass Ring Daily, where she talks about careers, creativity, and how to work on projects you care about. Her advice to fellow ladybadasses is to “find some good people and talk with them often. You can pick up someone’s positive attitudes simply through osmosis! Be open and be yourself, and the right people will find you.”