Imogen Clarke - Curious and Brave

Imogen Clarke.png

Imogen Clarke is an eighteen-year-old student, currently in her first year studying Classical Civilisation at the University of Nottingham.

Imogen has been partially sighted since birth, has working vision in only one eye, and peripheral vision in the other – neither of which is corrected by glasses. In addition to this, she suffer from nystagmus, which negatively effects her distance and depth perception, and also gives her the occasional headache from time to time.

Poor night vision, days on which she is virtually blind due to fatigue, and misunderstandings from others have all made her first semester of university one of the most challenging times in her life, but she is determined not to let her disability get the better of her.

"I have been privileged to attend a supportive and loving high school over the last seven years, and my disability was never a problem there, so I’m positive that my university experience should be no different," she states.

Since moving to university, Imogen has found the social aspect far more challenging than she originally expected it to be, and so she began to document her experiences on a blog called, Adventures in Partial Sightedness. Starting this blog has not only allowed her to contemplate on her current situation, but also on her writing skills, which she hopes to put into use some day in the future.

Over the past six or so months Imogen has been working closely with a London based charity, "Blind in Business," which support young visually impaired people looking for work, and will soon begin writing for their website on a regular basis.