Hannah Kain - Visionary and Collaborative

Hannah Kain.jpg

What are your “and” words and why? Collaborative and visionary. I believe collaboration is the key to successful business. I love getting everyone aligned and working together. Visionary, because I like contemplating the future, both being part of creating the future, but also understanding technology and overall trends that will impact the future. I am also passionate, really believing in what I am doing, and compassionate, supporting and helping people around me.

What you are known for saying / a quote from you. What does this quote mean to you, (or if it’s from someone else, why does it inspire you)?Dream big. Then execute with excellence.” It is my quote and something I live by. I admire entrepreneurs and others who solve big problems, and there is no reason why we cannot all contribute to solving big problems and leaving the world a better place. However, many big dreams never come true, simply because they are not executed at all or not executed well. I love figuring out ways to design and implement operational excellence. That is one of many reasons why I love my job, designing and executing complex supply chains for our customers globally.

Which other Ladybadasses inspire you and why? I tend to not be star-struck. I don't have one idol. Instead, I like to learn something from everyone around me, both men and women. From my patient and detail oriented executive assistant to my VP's, I learn from people on my staff. I meet women on not-for-profits and professional situations, and they inspire me. I meet other business professionals, see and hear artists, see sports stars and meet family members. i have the most wonderful friends. I get inspired from all of them. So, unless you want over 2,000 names, I simply cannot single one of them out.

When did you first realize that you had some Ladybadassery in you? At age 4. I started dreaming about starting my own company. I also started not following directions pretty early on, writing my own rules. But I was almost 30 years old before I realized the strength of combining female and male leadership traits.

What keeps you motivated on days when you aren't quite feeling like a Ladybadass? Truthfully, I don't really recall the last time that happened. Maybe it is because I feel very comfortable with what I am doing and with my roles. I enjoy being able to help many of my staff members and friends to be more successful and live fuller lives, and that is a big motivator. Of course, I also feel strongly that I have a responsibility to show up my very best every day.

What is your advice to other women who are trying to tap into their Ladybadassery? Life is not a dress rehearsal. Live life to the fullest and get on with it, already! Find the right time in your life to make shifts that propel you forward towards the goal. Dare to be extraordinary.

Hannah Kain is the President and CEO at ALOM.