Dr. Geeta Kadambi - Scientist, Inventor & Philanthropist

Geeta Kadambi

Founder of a successful Patent Practice for last 6 years. Geeta leads a team of experienced technologists with broad experience in dealing with intellectual property related matters in the areas of Biopharmaceuticals, Biochemistry, Clinical Biochemistry, Chemistry (including small molecule therapeutics), Biomedical devices, Clean Tech and Pharmaceuticals; Analytical and Medical Devices; and Biotechnology for patent drafting. 

If that wasn't enough, Geeta's also on a mission to provide desperately needed eye care for people in India. According to National Institute of Health and a National Geographic Survey in September 2016, 285 million people suffer from blindness worldwide. Out of those, ninety percent of the cases are in developing countries. Forty-three percent is completely and easily preventable. Visual impairment due to preventable blindness is a life-changing event for a child and/or elderly person that are not covered by government or personal insurance. They simply do not have the means to pay for these simple procedures. Niles Rotary club and  Geeta conducted a pilot project for Niles Rotary in Chennai, India in conjunction with the South Madras Rotary club in January of 2017. You can read more about this project here