Erin Allgood - Love and Complexity

Erin Allgood is a social change consultant, advocate, and artist who owns and operates Allgood Eats Local, a consulting agency with the goal of providing insight and targeted solutions to complex food systems issues. Services include process design and facilitation for multi-sector collaborations, strategy for organizations and networks, and conference and retreat planning. Erin has the attributes of a general… a keen eye for strategy and the discipline to follow something to its completion.

Allgood Eats Local offers various services to support the growth and resilience of our food system. Erin helps communities, nonprofits, businesses, and individuals uncover and refine ways they can make a difference in the food system through customized, unique and effective approaches to social change. Some of her clients include, Gain ClarityCreate Change, and Develop their Skills

Over the years, Erin has worked with many different solopreneurs, recent graduates, and organizations who have an idea of what they want to do but need to talk it out with someone who is knowledgeable about the field. Erin assists these individuals to refine and clarify their vision, uncover their strengths, and outline their goals. 

Since she was young, Erin has loved to write. She even dedicated her first book to Carolyn Keene in first grade. Don’t know who Carolyn Keene is? She’s the brilliant pseudonymous author of the Nancy Drew series. Nowadays, Erin writes about food, farming, feminism, and forward-thinking social change strategy. Mosey on over to her blog to read her musings.

Erin rediscovered her creativity over the last few years and have been wildly painting with acrylics ever since. She finds it important to own her creativity and build in time regularly in her life to paint for her own self-care. You can find her art over on her website.