One year later and bringing back the first #ladybadass Cristina Beatrice Jones

Cristina Beatrice Jones

This morning my social media feed reminded me that the #ladybadassery project started a year ago today. It started with an experiment. I was badly in need of some inspiration. At the time I was feeling alone, vulnerable and generally terrified about the future. I needed to see that as a woman I could make it happen and was searching for inspiration. I figured others might be too so started 100 days of #ladybadassery as much to inspire others as to inspire myself. I wondered if posting about awesome women would help me with my own fears. It absolutely did.

As I closed in on the 100 days my fabulous friend and fellow #ladybadass Wendy McEwan called and said: "We need to keep this going." And while we were 1000s of miles apart we got on the phone and decided to take it global. The result, was born.

So today, in honor of the experiment's first anniversary, I bring you my very first #ladybadass the amazing, talented and inspiring Cristina Beatrice Jones and her post from that auspicious day. Cristina, your name may have changed in the past year but you're still a #ladybadass in my book.