Chaya Milchtein - Aggressive and Femme

Chaya Miltchen.jpg

Chaya is a “multi-passionate” ladybadass. She’s a service manager at Pep Boys who blogs about automotive independence through education, plus size fashion, and lifestyle. She is a highly motivated service salesperson and has led her team at Meineke in the highest sales of its 36 years of business. She is currently one of the top women in the automotive industry.

"Landing in the mechanic industry was completely by mistake," Chaya said. The first time she felt like she had "made it" was when she saw her name on the list of the top ten sellers for Sears Auto Center nation wide for the week. This ignited her competitive streak. She went on to found Mechanic Shop Femme, a website where Chaya empowers women and queer folks through online classes and personal consultations about the automotive industry. From classes like “The Why’s and When’s of Car Maintenance” to a “Comprehensive Tires Course,” she is equipping women with the information they need so they’re not taken advantage of when going to a mechanic shop.

In addition to her mark on the automotive industry, Chaya also manages social media accounts for bloggers, models, and brands looking to build their presence online. She has helped companies increase their social media followers and customers through engagement management and advising brands on how to create a consistent flow in marketing imagery. She also models for and collaborates with brands that are body positive and diverse. This ladybadass is creating awareness in multiple industries!

Chaya’s advice to other women is to “take a few days to really focus on what you want out of your life and out of your career. Write down your goals. Seek out people who are doing the thing you aspire to do and follow their work. Give, give and give more than you take. Share what knowledge you have with people who are just starting out. A badass is more than a woman who makes a lot of money. A badass builds a community, a badass gives back always.”