Arsheen Allam - Valiant and Forgiving

Arsheen Allam.png


Arsheen Allam is the CEO and Founder of GOLeafe, a startup company which has developed a proprietary patent-pending process for manufacturing nanocrystalline graphene and graphene oxide materials. GOLeafe's manufacturing approach is a scalable batch process, which avoids expensive equipment and harsh chemicals, which means GOLeafe’s manufacturing approach has a cost advantage and is much more eco-friendly than competing methods. 

Arsheen has a strong background in materials science, engineering, and business. She previously co-founded CNanoz, an innovator in developing nano technology based water purification systems. At CNanoz, Arsheen developed an interest in Graphene that eventually resulted in the launch of GOLeafe. Arsheen is responsible for the development and commercialization of GOLeafe’s technology, as well as strategic vision and execution. Arsheen has Bachelor’s degree in Materials Science and Engineering, a Master’s degree in Global Innovation Management and an MBA from Fuqua’s School of Business at Duke.

Arsheen is introspective and is always looking for ways to better herself, be it academically, professionally or personally. By focusing on her own shortcomings, rather than finding flaws in others, she not only is the best version of her own self, but she sees the best in people, which contributes to her positive attitude and makes her a pleasure to be around.