Anna Kellerman - Nurturing and Enterprising


Anna is one of those people you instantly warm to – she has a really curious nature and is genuinely interested in hearing your story. She’s also a creative nurturer, super-connector and lateral thinker which makes her a great role model #Ladybadass.

Anna spent nearly 20 years as a qualitative researcher helping a broad range of clients, corporations and smaller businesses across diverse sectors, in both Australia and Europe, to better understand people’s motivations, usage and attitudes.

She then brought her passions for art, kids, sharing and connecting together in 2011 launching her first online art business, ArtBuds, selling contemporary art for kids. She learned a lot about the real challenges and joys of entrepreneurship from this experience and brings this learning to her latest venture Mama Creatives, a thriving online and offline community for creative mothers to:

  • CONNECT – with other like-minded creative mamas
  • SHARE – their creative story, expertise or passion
  • COLLABORATE – form new creative partnerships
  • FLOURISH – get back in touch with their core creative identity to feel a sense of purpose and fulfillment

She is a trained art educator, with a Bachelor of Art Education, majoring in Educational Psychology, and a registered art therapist with a Masters in Art Therapy. She has a published thesis about the benefits of working with clay and children with anxiety disorders. Over the past 15 years, she has worked with kids and teens with a range of emotional and behavioral problems, including children from domestic violence backgrounds. She currently works as a clinical art therapist at the Sydney Anxiety Clinic

Anna remains supercharged about the future of Mama Creatives and growing it into a remarkable global community connecting and showcasing talented creative mamas from every corner of the earth.

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