Amber Allen - Connector and Confident

Amber Allen.jpg

What are your “and” words and why? Connector and Confident. I love talking to people, listening and learning about what people are doing and what matters to them. I have met some of the most amazing people on planes, conferences and at events that we put on or I attend. Some have become clients and I have hired a few, too. In hearing their stories, I figure out how I can connect to what matters to them with what might benefit my clients, the audiences I serve and even my own company.

In starting my own company, creating immersive experiences and working with big brands like Warner Brothers and Blizzard Entertainment, I have to be confident in my vision and in my team. It’s about believing in myself and self-assurance that both groups rely on me for very good reasons.

What you are known for saying / a quote from you. What does this quote mean to you, (or if it’s from someone else, why does it inspire you)? “Instead of thinking about lines as boundaries and ways to cross them, let’s think about how we look beyond the lines to new combinations and innovations. What can we create that will amaze our clients and their fans?” This is something I say to myself and my team as we brainstorm projects. How can we build something new and fresh with our expertise? I look for emerging technologies, like Augmented Reality, facial recognition and photogrammetry, and how I can use them to make mind-blowing immersive experiences for clients. I encourage clients and my team to dream big and think about what we could do that would leave an indelible image in the minds of the fans we are targeting. While we are doing the hard work of putting the experience together, we need to have some fun. I love what I do - I work with incredible brands that focus on tech, entertainment, esports and gaming. I help them connect with their fans by putting together experiences that have never been seen before and might not be seen again.

 Which other Ladybadasses inspire you and why? I’m a fan of Sarah Blakely,  CEO of Spanx, and Lisa Gregorian, EVP & CMO of Warner Brothers Television Group. Both have broken glass ceilings and forged new paths that many women, including myself, could follow.  Sarah built her company from her own money, self-funding it on every step of the way and she’s still the 100% owner. She focused on building a profitable business and today Spanx is a billion dollar company. I started Double A Labs with my savings, and have created a multi-million dollar company in 6 years. She inspires me to think about how I can build a billion dollar business. Lisa is a mentor and someone I personally admire, greatly. She has been a force in the entertainment industry for many years, she leads with innovative strategy and marketing, and is a champion of women who are creating change in their industries.

When did you first realize that you had some Ladybadassery in you? When I decided to take a job in a completely unheard of facet of entertainment -  streaming of entertainment. I was working on partnerships at the time. I recommended pursuing a partnership with Netflix before anyone knew their name. The company I was working for  didn’t think the streaming concept worked and they wanted to partner with Blockbuster. In that moment, I knew I wanted to create and be around people building in the innovative space. I wanted to create products that could grow more in the digital landscape and I took a new role in marketing and experiences for gaming.

What keeps you motivated on days when you aren't quite feeling like a Ladybadass? There are a couple of things I do - I love to learn and being around people who I can learn new things from like Cognitive learning or lately taking guitar lessons with a friend. Being around those who inspire and remind me there are so many other areas to expand information on recharges me. Some days just playing a little Rayman Legends or old school Galaga helps.

 What is your advice to other women who are trying to tap into their Ladybadassery? Every person is a badass in something. Focus on those things you excel at, think about the strengths you want to build and pull in amazing resources to learn from - friends and mentors - to build upon what you know and where you want to grow. Have people that push you out of your comfort zone. Lastly, don’t be afraid to fail and when it happens, don’t punish yourself by “looping” that failure in your head. Look it directly head on and overcome the failure by learning from it.

Amber is the CEO of Double A Labs.