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Highly competent and effective, with more than a decade of experience as a product manager, Alicia Dixon juggles multiple stakeholders in highly matrixed organizations while overseeing the release of innovative consumer and enterprise products. Genuine and no-nonsense, she is also generous with her time; mentoring other product managers and speaking at technical conferences. Most recently she has been spearheading the Digital Key initiative in the Hilton Honors mobile app; letting you skip the check-in line and unlock your room with your phone. A mobile veteran and Android trailblazer, she is always looking to build useful things.

For years I made choices because they looked good on paper, or because family and friends steered me away from the directions I truly wanted to go in. Don’t let other people dictate your path.

Alisha enjoys focusing on new product development, product strategy, and market research and has held positions at leading companies including Hilton, UPS & Dell. She is a proud alumnus of Howard University where she earned her Bachelor’s degree. In addition, she holds an MBA from Baruch College, CUNY and an MS in Marketing from the University of Alabama.

Recently, Alicia was featured on #GirlsWhoProduct. When asked if she thinks if women have some natural talents that make them more competent in the role of Product Manager than men, she answered: "My initial reaction is to say ‘yes’, that women, in general, have more empathy, and empathy is definitely a top skill that you need in product management. But I also hate to stereotype and say that this is something that women have versus something that men have. The ability to sit back, listen, hear what the other person is asking for and approach a problem — that’s a big part of what the product job is. Product management is more about whether or not you can synthesize information and propose a solution to a widely-held problem than it is about whether or not you align with a certain gendered social norm."

In her spare time, Alicia loves to travel, especially to beach locations, and she has a goal to visit all 50 states (she only has 8 left).

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