Aisha Hillary - Adventurous and Creative

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Aisha Hillary is the epitome of the modern woman – a “slashie” combining corporate work, philanthropy, and a side passion project in design and fashion. She’s fresh, innovative, a creator, a contributor and always positive.

Aisha’s journey started in Sydney, Australia, working for marketing agencies in consumer marketing and digital strategy. The online boom, and then crash propelled Aisha to the UK to establish new and innovative ways to interact with consumers. At UK’s second largest retailer, Sainsbury's, she learned new ways to add value to the consumer journey from couch to cash register and establish ways to encourage purchase through relevant messaging.

She returned 6 years later to launch a chartered airline out of Brisbane, involved designing livery for planes, crew uniforms, and selecting interiors for aircrafts in Brazil. Wanting to fully embrace technology she then completed a Masters in Convergent Media whilst rebranding Six Billion Stories, for the multicultural broadcaster SBS and developing content across multiple platforms and multi-cultural audiences, including setting up their social media communities. Her next challenge was as global communications director for TigerSpike helping businesses transform ways of working through mobile and emerging technology. 

Each year, Aisha focuses on learning a new skill. From DJing, meditating, Dragon Boating, to French, she pushes the boundaries to think differently and grow. In 2014 during a business trip to London, she detoured to Milan to learn how to make bags. This was a big turning point in her life. Taking a leap of faith and her house deposit, she launched Hills & West, in 2015, an Australian handmade luxury leather bag & accessory label for the modern man or woman.

As a result of Hills & West’s success as a lifestyle accessory business, people started approaching Aisha to help them with their business’ branding, digital strategy, marketing and content creation, and hence the start of her own agency, Digital & Agile Consulting. Aisha does more than talk the talk – giving back is important. As the Dalai Lama says, If we are lucky enough to be living a good life then we should recognise that gift and do something for those people who have less.” Each year, through fundraising and donating she donates 10 per cent of Hills & West's profits, to help children around the world gain an education and get that little bit closer to their dreams.

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