It's 2018 and LADYBADASS wants you to participate!

Photo by {artist}/{collectionName} / Getty Images

Photo by {artist}/{collectionName} / Getty Images

I remember vividly the day Wendy Hogan emailed me a year ago. I was wrapping up a little experiment called “100 days of ladybadsssery”. Her question - I think Ladybadssery is hilarious and brilliant. Are you interested in taking it global?

If you know me at all, you know my immediate response was


I sit here a year later, and we’ve featured over 100 ladybadsses from over a dozen countries. What a humbling and inspiring experience. Starting the project even challenged me to define what a “ladybadass” actually is, she lives in a world of “and.”  Add to that the overwhelmingly positive response to the project we’re going bigger and better for this year.

  • We’re expanding coverage. We talked about it last year, and we’re doing it in 2018. We’re looking for contributors in the following locations. Europe, Central and South America, Middle East, Africa, Eastern Europe and the Caribbean. Interested in joining us? Learn more here.
  • We’re changing our name. After some fast-paced shenanigans with GoDaddy, we were able to acquire the URL You are, we are, everyone is a ladybadass.

  • We’re expanding our community events. Last year we started the Ladybadass Happy Hours in both New York and Los Angeles. We had buckets of fun, and I'm still in awe of the result of intriguing connections. They say who you hang out with can directly impact your success, we had NO idea how much success would manifest. If you’re interested in helping us host one in your city just let us know here.

  • There’s much more coming we hope. If you have an idea or just want to reach out, we’d love to hear from you. Shoot us a message here.

So get out there awesome people. Manifest your ladybadassery in whatever way works for you.

Remember you too can nominate someone for ladybadass recognition. We LOVE learning about them. Just submit your nomination to us here.


Joanna Bloor