Ashley Milne-Tyte - writer | radio reporter teacher | podcast host

Ahsley Milne-Tyte

Confession time, I totally cyber stalked (in a non-creepy way) Ashley. I had been a listener of Ashley's podcast The Broad Experience for some time. The show was about women in the workplace and instead of being the usual "let me talk to someone who's made it" format she was talking about real issues with real people. Her curiosity about what was, and often wasn't, working for women opened my eyes to different perspectives, different voices, and new ideas. Not surprisingly, I had all sorts of ideas I wanted to share with her. Roll forward in time and I've been a guest on her show, I've had some really wonderful coffee conversations and I so much believe in what Ashley is doing decided to advertise.

But that's just MY story of getting to know Ashley. What I've learned is Ashley's curiosity and support of other women crosses SO many areas. Like a true journalist, she digs deep around questions and tells us a story.

So why does this make her a ladybadass? All this awesomeness, she does by herself. She curates, interviews, produces and distributes her show to the 40K listeners every month. Ashley even has three different roles in her title.

So go check out The Broad Experience. I promise you it's worth the time.

You can also follow Ashely on Twitter @ashleymilnetyte