Inna Effress - Curiosity Leaning Author


Inna's favorite quote is "Always go too far because that's where you'll find the truth." ~ Albert Camus

In this quote alone shines a light on the #ladybadassery of this amazing woman. I had the delightful experience of getting to work with Inna back in the late 1990's. Her cool curiosity was clear to us all even then. Roll forward in time and Inna started to explore her craft with speech writing. Which finds us in the present and Inna's short story Liquid Air was included in the Nightscript series, an annual anthology of strange and darksome tales by twenty-three of the finest contemporary scribes. According to the reviews, Inna's story will make you think and chill you to the bones. Ah, there's that curiosity again, this time asking YOU to think.

Storyteller + a little bit of a scare, now that's #ladybadassery