Welcome to #ladybadassery!

This whole project started because two #ladybadasses decided to team up and take an idea and make it bigger.

Joanna Bloor and Wendy McEwan met in 2001 and instantly realized they'd met a kindred spirits. Their only challenge was that Joanna and Wendy lived on two different continents. Not to be thwarted they both kept connected over the years, always looking for a way to collaborate on a fun project.

Roll forward too many years to count and Joanna was running a little social experiment called 100 Days of #ladybadassery. For 100 days Joanna decided it would be fun to point out all the #ladybadassery around her on her social networks. Wendy loved the message it sent and reached out.

Which brings us to today..

After a couple of skype calls and numerous emails. Joanna and Wendy are bringing you the #ladybadassery project. We're not entirely sure where this is going to go, but we know that we'll be throwing some awesome out into the world. 

Let us know what you think. Send us a note if you want to participate.

Thanks for checking in!

Joanna & Wendy
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