Sara Axelbaum - Caring and Strong

Your best way to stand out: Give a shit. Don’t just do things at the bare minimum. Leave every place you go, every project you work on, and every person you encounter just a little bit better for having had YOU there.

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Joanna Bloor
Arsheen Allam - Valiant and Forgiving

Arsheen Allam is the CEO and Founder of GOLeafe, a startup company which has developed a proprietary patent-pending process for manufacturing nanocrystalline graphene and graphene oxide materials. GOLeafe's manufacturing approach is a scalable batch process, which avoids expensive equipment and harsh chemicals, which means GOLeafe’s manufacturing approach has a cost advantage and is much more eco-friendly than competing methods. 

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Lori Cashman - Tenacious and Nurturing

Lori Cashman is an early stage investor in ventures led by female entrepreneurs and gender-diverse teams. She brings “peripheral vision” on emerging consumer & technology trends and customer engagement practices.

Lori is a former co-founder of the private equity firm Lineage Capital. Her previous private equity experience combined with her current role as a venture capitalist ensure a well-rounded perspective on successful business models, operational and market issues and consumer trends all in the context of a company’s capital structure and value proposition.

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Alex Adams - Engaging and Ambitious

Alex Adams is a journalist, professional dinner party host, and business owner – an exemplar of the modern young female entrepreneur, Alex mixed her creativity and business skills and created her own career. After short stints working in public relations, sales and marketing she started her first business at the age of 25.

Alex, AKA Ms. Darlinghurst, started Eat Drink Play in 2009 which is a lifestyle website dedicated to the very best things to do in Sydney. In 2016 she expanded the publication to Melbourne.

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