What is the #ladybadassery project?

We believe that there are some awesome #ladybadasses out there. Many that we don't hear about and we thought we'd try and fix that. We do this by featuring a #ladybadass every Monday, Wednesday and Friday and sharing in our network. This way we can shine the light on awesome that we believe the world needs to see.

Yes, the world.

Monday we feature someone from the Asia/Pacific region.

Wednesday we feature someone from the America's region.

Friday we feature someone from the European region.

Can I submit someone to be featured?

Yes, absolutely! We'd love to hear about #ladybadasses you think should be featured. Just go to the Submit a Ladybadass page and we'll take a look.

How Can I participate?

You can participate by sharing, sharing every day. If we all share the daily #ladybadass (even if we don't know her personally) then everyone gets to hear about them. Even better, someone is inspired by them and decides to be a #ladybadass themselves.


Why are we doing it?

Have you ever heard the expression "You can't be it if you can't see it." ? Well we think it's an important idea, and most of us only get to see the same #ladybadasses every day. Not that we don't love them, we just think there should be more choices. So we're giving people choices. 


We don't have anything official yet. We'll let you know when we figure out a process for this.

Does a #ladybadass have to be a woman?

No, not at all. We know lots of awesome fellas who've shown they can be #ladybadasses too.