Claudia SagrIpanti - Australia Curator

Claudia Sagripanti

From my early 20s I’ve always been interested in empowering women to be independent leaders. I was the youngest president of the Business and Professional Women clubs (Waverley) and organised the first Women in Government Seminar encouraging women to get involved in community issues and in local and national government. I set up the Women in Publishing Networking group for Publishers Australia, and have acted as mentor for young women in the digital industry. In addition, I’m pursuing my other passion project – The No Project which offers practical advice to help women say no so they can say yes to what really matters.

I’m super excited about #Ladybadassery as it gives the opportunity to promote women who are forging their path and achieving success on their terms. Here in Australia, it’s the same small group of women getting recognition from the media and government. Most are from the entrepreneurial and technical spaces, but there are so many equally extraordinary women from all walks of life, operating away from the spotlight. 2018 and beyond is the time for #ladybadassery in Australia!

Thanks to Wendy Hogan for the invitation to be the Australian rep for #Ladybadassery team – Wendy is someone much admired for her quiet tenacity, intelligence and determination since working with her over 20 years ago in Sydney. #Ladybadassery is a great fit for me.