#ladybadass founder Wendy Hogan

#ladybadass founder Wendy Hogan

Why #ladybadassery?

Starting in a management role from a fairly young age, in an industry with no defined playbook, I was always keenly aware of having a lack of female peers or friends to turn to for advice and insight located in my own time zone.  Additionally, here in Asia, I often find myself being literally the only woman in the room, despite knowing many fabulous peers and inspirational women across the region.  Over the years, this has prompted me to launch my Twitter list "Amazing Women in Asia" and SWIMMA (Singapore Women in Media, Marketing & Advertising) an invitation-only group who regularly meets over dinner to learn about topics of interest to our membership.

At the same time, as the industry increasingly champions Women and Leaning In, there’s seemingly a skew for the media to spotlight the same small pool of amazing women, almost entirely from North America.  While I love everything I read about women winning, I’ve become more conscious of a need to do more.

Luckily for me, in 2016, my old friend and ladycrush from North America,  Joanna Bloor, launched "100 days of LadyBadassery”.  A celebration of achievements big and small, Joanna highlighted ladies from all walks of life in the series and inspired many of us with their stories.  Again though, Joanna’s series was US centric as that is the sphere of her personal environment.  I asked Joanna, can we make it global and highlight all the amazing women we’re fortunate to work and interact with?

So in 2017 we launch #ladybadassery and I will have the opportunity to expose so many of the fearless, courageous and inspiring ladies in business and in life operating in APAC and beyond.  Follow the conversation via the hashtag #ladybadassery on your favourite social network, send us your suggestions of folks you think we should profile and share it with your friends when a story resonates with you.  2017 is the year we make #ladybadassery a badge of honour! Celebrate with us.

Wendy Hogan, co-founder #Ladybadassery